It’s really easy and convenient to let one “cheat meal” or “treat” turn into a whole CHEAT WEEKEND!!! Has anyone been there? It’s so much easier to stick to your weight loss goals Monday – Friday isn’t it? Why? Because we think of our weekends as “breaks”. This shouldn’t be our mindset when we are putting in all the hard work towards our goal weight during the week!

“Cheat meals” shouldn’t be a reward – reaching your goal weight IS your reward! Working towards a healthier, fitter, and slimmer new you should not be seen as “work”, it should be seen as “self-care”. A cheat weekend could put back that 2kg you worked so hard to lose in a matter of days! This is why so many of us find it hard to lose weight, isn’t it? #beentheredonethat

Here are a few ways cheats days can affect your health taken from Nutrition editor, Ginger Hultin:

Cheat days hey can destroy your gut bacteria. Alcohol, sugar, and processed foods are a punch to the gut, and a weekend is enough to do damage. One animal study revealed that eating junk food for even a couple of days can be just as harmful as eating junk all of the time.

They can contribute to inflammation. Likewise, bad food choices can lead to inflammation throughout your body, and it only takes a day or two to flare up. “Inflammation happens quickly,” Hultin confirms. “And unhealthy foods put a heavy load on your hormones and liver.”

They can give you a sugar crash—and cravings. Sugar gives you a rush and drop, and it’s incredibly addictive. Eat one small sweet, and you might be tempted by another. Go crazy for a few days, and you’re setting yourself up for cravings all week.

They can make you tired. Bloated, achy, and crave-y—is it any wonder you come out of the weekend feeling sluggish? “Binges tank your energy,” explains Hultin. “Especially when alcohol is involved, which can also hurt your sleep, and prevent you from getting real rest.”

They can compromise your immune system. Alcohol can also suppress your ability to fight off illness-causing viruses and bacteria. Even one big night of drinking can lower your immune system for 24 hours afterward.

They can feed guilt and negative feelings. If the only thing that gets you through the week is dreaming about Friday night pizza, and then all you can think about on Monday is how gross you feel—that’s not healthy. “If you’re overly fixated or suffering from guilt, those are signs of a bad relationship with food,” says Hultin. “Maybe cheat days aren’t working for you.”

And last but not least, they affect your hormonal balance!
So, before you order takeaways, open into your fridge and pantry and look for a healthier alternative! BONUS – you save money! Cravings are temporary but that a healthier, slimmer more confident YOU is for a lifetime. 💪🏽🍏
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