To every “perfect” blogger-influencer mom and Instagram model out there

You’re not doing yourself any favors!

You probably do it so much that you don’t even realize you’re doing it!

While you’re scrolling, you are probably thinking to yourself…
“I wish I looked like that,”
“I wish I had her motivation,”
“I wish I could lose that much weight,”
“I wish I could wear something like that,”
“I wish I was that happy.”

Your subconscious mind is recording ALL of that…

Ready to hit ‘replay’ when you’re on the verge of a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH!

So when you start to feel momentum… you’re picking up speed towards your goals & a healthier life… you’re hard work is starting to pay off…

Your subconscious will start to whisper all of the negative lies about you believe about

Who You Are NOT…

You’re SABOTAGING yourself!

The words you say to yourself are POWERFUL
Powerful enough to manifest into REAL. LIFE!

That means…
YOU hold the power to manifest the life you want to live!
Start speaking LIFE into yourself

Instead of doubt.
REWIRE your subconscious mind to play a new recording!
Go stand in front of a mirror,
Get in your POWER POSE,
And say something POSITIVE about yourself!
Struggling to find the words?
Just use the Fat Loss Lab manifesto

Fit in or Fat Off
Save this picture and set it as the background on your phone OR
Write it on the mirror with some lipstick
Either way…
Repeat this to yourself every day and night.
Repeat it when you need a boost of confidence,
Repeat it until you believe it, and then keep repeating it some more.

You DESERVE to live your BEST life!

Remember…Comparison is the thief of JOY!

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