I met Angie Carratu at the end of Aril 2010 and I weighed 144.6kg. I was having breathing problems with the slightest exertion. I would have to rock myself backward and forward a couple of times just to get out of bed. The Edgars ‘Outsize’ Dept had become my second home and every trip there meant a bigger clothing size. I started the FAT LOSS LAB DIET on the 1/05/2010 and to my amazement I lost an average of 9.8kg for the first 3 months. It took me another 3½ months to achieve my goal weight of 90kg. I am living proof the FAT LOSS LAB DIET works! All I did to achieve this was to follow the FAT LOSS LAB rules. It’s that easy. I have gone from a size 52 longs to a size 36, and from a XXXL shirt to a medium. It is such a joy to be able to go into any clothing store, as size is no more a problem. I cannot thank Angie Carratu enough, as my consultant she would always take my calls whenever I experienced a problem and her monthly newsletter always kept me motivated. I highly recommend the FAT LOSS LAB DIET.