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Constance Machibaya – Primary Agent
I am a dynamic, highly motivated and knowledgeable agent for FAT LOSS LAB in Zimbabwe. With a wealth of experience and my unique, holistic approach, I help motivate and encourage individuals to take responsibility and make the changes necessary for a healthier lifestyle. I lost 18kgs in 16 weeks on FAT LOSS LAB and discontinued my blood pressure medication after 13 years of dependence. This experience has been life changing.

+263 772 363803 / +263 4 788 110

Gugu Munyeza – Sub Agent

I had always struggled with my weight since childhood and had grown to love and accept my body. At the back of my mind though, I really wanted to shed off excess weight. I collided with FAT LOSS LAB at a point where I had given up. I was sceptical of this programme initially, but today I am proud to say that I have lost 50 kg on the very same programme and I am not looking back. This programme has helped me change my lifestyle and now I am in control of my body.

+263 772697 201

Abera Sirdar-Turk – Sub Agent

I am a person who had battled with my weight my whole life. I was pre-diabetic and as a result i had reached a stage where concentrating was difficult i was constantly lethargic and very moody. Also i would hardly eat much and excersise a lot and could not comprehend why i was not losing any weight. If i so much as ate some form of junk food i would have gained immediately. I then came to hear of “Fat loss lab” and the regime literally changed my life!
My sugar levels stabalised, i can focus, no more mood swings and i have the most energy i have had in my entire adult life. On the program i lost 12kgs in 6 weeks….. Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels!

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Lara Swanepoel
Head Honcho – Fat Loss Lab


+27 83 626 3877