Through long and laborious hours of research, hard graft and years of steadfast knowledge, the Clever People, ‘that’s us – FAT LOSS LAB’, discovered an effective and individualised approach to weight loss and well-being, anchored in medical and scientific research. We (the clever people) know that hormonal imbalances result in weight gain, mood swings and water retention.

There are 3 main hormones (one is a neurotransmitter if we must be precise) that control your FAT:

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Balance these hormones and it creates a forced chemical reaction in the body and the side effect is rapid fat loss!
With this new found balance, we have created the only ‘diet’ on earth that actually suppresses food cravings. And you won’t have to eat like a field mouse in a famine to reach your goal weight.

Designed for you and only you

You are unique, as is your weight loss regime from FAT LOSS LAB. Our brilliant team of docs create a customised eating programme for you, from a specific set of blood tests. Become a lean, mean fat burning machine in 4-12 weeks. The final stage is a customised re-feed, based on a second round of bloods from you. Develop healthier eating habits and adopt lifestyle choices that ensure the sustainability of your weight maintenance goals.