FAT LOSS LAB – Weight maintenance programme

The Lifestyle Maintenance Programme
provides you with the tools to ensure healthy
eating habits become entrenched and you are
able to stay away from the obesity/yo-yo dieting cycle.

Your Lifestyle Maintenance Programme comprises 2 regimes

The Re-feeding Regime
The Re-feeding Regime is a 3-4 week regime essential to stabilise and prepare your body to cope with normal, healthy eating and lifestyle. You will begin applying the principles of the Weight Maintenance Regime during your Re-Feeding Regime. If you do not complete the full Re-Feeding Regime, you will undoubtedly regain all the weight lost.

The Weight Maintenance Regime
The Weight Maintenance Regime provides you with the tools and knowledge required to maintain both hormonal balance and your goal weight. You’ll eat healthy foods you enjoy, and discover some new foods. Treats are, of course, part of all of our lives, but you will learn how to savour treats, and no longer use them for comfort or reward.

The Weight Maintenance Regime covers areas including:

  • Basic nutrients your body requires for optimal health
  • How to choose the best foods
  • Healthy foods you can enjoy as well as some new food ideas
  • The facts about calories
  • Daily meal planning
  • Foods that should generally be avoided, as they contribute to hormonal imbalance and weight gain

The Lifestyle Maintenance Programme is essential to your long-term health and success. Its principles are uncomplicated – you will learn how easy it is to maintain hormonal balance, goal weight and overall health.

Contact your agent once you are within 2kgs of your goal weight, so your Lifestyle Maintenance Programme may be prepared for you.