FAT LOSS LAB – Weight Loss Regime
A weight loss regime that works!

FAT LOSS LAB’s – Weight Loss Regime has been established for over 10 years and is well researched, validated and most importantly, medically and nutritionally sound. The FAT LOSS LAB Weight Loss Regime is unique in that it achieves weight loss by addressing hormonal imbalances usually associated with weight gain. Your weight sensitive hormones are usually disrupted if you have experienced one of the following:

Long term stress
Prescription medication

Our Weight Loss Regime promotes balance of your weight sensitive hormones HGH, insulin and serotonin, allowing you to lose excess body fat, but without leaving you feeling weak or hungry.

How does fat loss occur on the Weight Loss Regime?

Weight loss occurs through a natural biochemical reaction, using food types in specific quantities and combinations, which promotes balance of your natural weight influencing hormones, insulin, HGH and serotonin. This process maximises your body’s fat burning process.

The weight loss regime is a balanced eating regime including the normal food items you buy at your grocery store. There are no special foods, shakes, injections or special pills involved.

Each client’s weight loss regime is unique, as it is developed specially for you, based on results obtained from your specific set of blood tests. These tests are done at any Lancet, Ampath or Pathcare Laboratory. These blood tests allow our doctors to analyse and blue print your body’s system. This in turn indicates the nutrients required to promote hormonal synchronisation and balance. Our doctors also take your medical history into account, as well as any current scheduled medication you may be taking.

How long do I need to follow the Weight Loss Regime?

The duration of your weight loss regime depends on a number of factors, specifically your blood profile, NOT YOUR BLOOD TYPE; and your hormonal imbalance. During this time you will also have an opportunity to reflect on a possible non-physical cause of your weight gain and overeating habits. The Beat the Bulge e-book, included with your programme, is designed to assist you with this. The programme addresses the emotional and mental challenges that can sabotage efforts to attain and maintain a healthy mind, body weight and lifestyle. In addition, there are regular 1-day Beat the Bulge workshops for clients who wish to delve further into any issues.

What are the final results?

A weight loss is 7-10kgs over a 4-week period

The Weight Loss Regime changes your hormonal structure and metabolism to enable efficient processing of food and fat. It also helps you develop healthy eating habits, and adopt food and lifestyle choices that ensure you maintain your weight and are able to finally break the obesity/yo-yo dieting cycle.

The final and crucial stage of the weight loss regime is the 4-week blood test. This enables us to establish your Lifestyle Maintenance Programme (a re-feeding regime and weight maintenance regime).

Is the FAT LOSS LAB programme supported by medical professionals?

FAT LOSS LAB works with registered doctors, genetic specialists, sports nutritionists, dieticians, pathologists, psychologists and trauma councillors.

How do I maintain my goal weight?

The final and crucial stage of your weight loss regime is your 4-week blood test, which enables us to establish your Lifestyle Maintenance Programme (a re-feeding regime and weight maintenance regime) once your body has achieved balance, that is, you have reached your goal weight.

Contact your agent once you are within 2kg’s of your goal weight, so your Lifestyle Maintenance Programme may be prepared for you.