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Lara Swanepoel
Head Honcho – Fat Loss Lab


+27 83 626 3877

Kirsten Starkey – Sub Agent
I am a school teacher and netball coach. I have dealt with many school children battling with a poor self image due to being over weight, this often leading to depression and a low self confidence . Is doesn’t have to be that way. With Fat Loss Lab I realized there is a healthy way to lose weight for all age groups. With the right attitude and determination anything is possible. I hope as an agent I am able to assist with the weight loss dreams of many. After the outstanding results I’ve seen after people have been on the Fat Loss Lab program, I know can do this.

+27 83 704 0021

Michelle Taffara

I bought the Bedfordview / Edenvale franchise after witnessing the huge success my friend achieved on the programme. She lost 20 kg’s in 12 weeks. At that point in my life, I had been through major foot surgery and was diagnosed as pre-menopausal. I had gained 15kg’s in 8 short months! The relationship between hormones and weight gain resonated with me on a personal level as I could not go onto any hormonal medication after developing Deep Vein Thrombosis following my foot surgery. I needed a natural solution and FAT LOSS LAB was the answer. I started on the programme on the 10th of January 2010 and by the 6th of March I had lost 12kg’s. Not only had I experienced significant weight loss, but I did not have any more hot flushes and was able to go off my blood pressure medication.

Robert Russell
I am absolutely sold on the simplicity of Fat Loss Lab, so much so that I cannot stop talking about it and that is why I became an agent. My wife has lost 35 kg’s and is quite the hottie!!! Hell yeah.

Check out the picture of my wife and I in my old 52″ pants – I still cannot believe this myself.

My wife and I have tried and spent 10′s of thousands on diet after diet, and all have failed. We have a collection literature and equipment that bears testimony to the fact that Fat loss Lab is the only way to get your life back on track. Cheryl and I had the same intestinal fortitude, and determination to succeed in all our previous attempts, but the other programs simply did not have the metal.

Call me now and change your life forever. If you don’t, you are not serious enough about your situation.

Remember “Your Health is your Wealth”!!!!

P.S. Our superbike now gets to top speed in an instant, with the combined loss of 115kg. My wife and I have bigger plans for our bodies, so ask me how we are doing when we meet. I wonder how fast we will get to top speed then… LOL!

Oh yes now I have bought my wife a super bike, booked her on free fall and SCUBA try out to see if she likes my sports. The rest of our life awaits.

Barbara Nyenwa
As an IT professional, with over 15 years combined experience in one-to-one and small group training, as well as business in retail clothing, I have worked with, and helped many people to overcome fear, anxiety and despair that often result from poor self image. I have often seen people hoping to jump into that trendy outfit, only to have their confidence fade away because they could not find the right size. At Fat Loss Lab I discovered a program that will make you achieve your goal weight and live healthy. All you need is the right attitude and I will walk with you on your journey to a healthy NEW LOOK and a NEW YOU.

Christina Bowman

011 784 1168                   77 11th Street Parkmore

Julie Huesmann

+27 82 374 6132