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Jo-Ann Cherry
I have always been a motivated and determined person with a strong desire to achieve beyond expectation in everything I set out to do.
Last year I became a new Mom and had gained a substantial amount of weight during my pregnancy.
This can often impact a persons self image but having been a young mom of only 22 my self esteem took a drastic turn for the worst.

I had never really suffered with a weight problem until this stage and Psychologically I was finding it difficult to cope with my new body.
It was then, that I decided to make a drastic change in my lifestyle, eating habitsand Physical activity I have managed to loose 12KG and I am feeling great.
During my research, on healthy eating, and weight loss solutions I came across FatlossLab.

After having heard many success stories and Positive feedback from people that have been on the programe I decided to become a FatlossLab Agent in the Eastern Cape.
Through my personal weight loss Journey I discovered that weight gain can have very negative side effects on a persons self image and can often lead people into a depression.
My Primary goal as an Agent is to Guide people and motivate them through their weight loss transformation by challenging their lifestyles and there way of thinking and their health decisions.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to provide the encouragement and motivation needed to help people discover the best physical version of themselves.

Lara Swanepoel
Head Honcho – Fat Loss Lab


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